Hikes & guided tour

Hotel Boutique Posada Las Trampas

In Ecotrek and Posada Las Trampas, we offer a completely different experience that will make your trip a real and a new sensation. We offer spectacular ecological walks and bird-watching walks with a minimal impact on the environment. Enjoy this new experience full of new learnings for you and your family. All our walks have been well received by our walkers achieving total success, everyone ends up absolutely fascinated with our guided walks.

Hacienda Venecia- Hiking

Hacienda Venecia has define six different routes within its limits, so that guests can enjoy a walk in the middle of nature, between mountains and coffee crops, with different levels of difficulty, so that visitors may enjoy and appreciate The cultural coffee landscape and its lush beauty.

Hacienda Venecia-Manizales. City Tour

The city is recognized by its impressive topography, by the university and cultural life, by its natural parks, by the thermal waters, by the beautiful sunsets and the kindness of its people. Hacienda Venecia offers a tour around some of its most emblematic places, such as: el barrio Chipre with the “Monument to the Colonizers”, the Cathedral Basilica (a Gothic history), the Plaza de Bolívar and its “Bolívar Condor”, the Caldas Government ( The Yellow Palace of Republican architecture) and the air Cable, where you can appreciate the magnificent topography of the city.

Cañón del Río Claro natural reserve – hiking

Along the entire path of our trail you can enjoy an interesting and pleasant hike, accompanied by the history visible in the folds of the rocks. Let yourself be dazzled by the imposing canyon that has been carved by the Rio Claro, in whose waters the exuberant forest is reflected, which beats penetrating with its biodiversity: the textures, the colors, the shapes, the scents, the sounds. A whole history of evolution is reveals through the geology, flora and fauna hidden in this Pleistocene shelter.