Hacienda Venecia

Hacienda Venecia is a coffee farm with 100 years of tradition, with extensive experience in the cultivation, production, marketing, roasting and export of Colombian coffee. It has extensive coffee cultivation, mixed with native forests and water sources. The region where it is located is rich in species of flora and fauna. The room temperature makes the stay very pleasant for the visitor. 

In 2009, Hacienda Venecia decided to open its doors to foreign visitors mainly, to share a learning experience around the coffee culture.

Reserva Natural Río Claro

It is a group of 4 houses of rustic structures, whose rooms instead of the traditional window have an open space over the forest, with a large railing instead of a wall. Conceived to live the experience of magical realism: a refuge in the jungle, full of nuances, sounds, colors, textures and shapes. From here you can see dazzling panoramic landscapes. It is ideal for couples and nature lovers who want to have a direct connection with the environment, for example the branches of the trees at fingertips.