Natural Parks and protected areas

  • Code:Protected areas
  • Price:
  • Dificult level:
  • Comfort level:High
  • Location:Bogota-Manizales-Honda
  • Promedy temperature:25-30 °C
  • Kind of adventure:

The beautiful fauna and flora you will find on this tour will transport you to a magical and colorful place. Colombia the beautiful fauna and flora that you will find on this tour, will transport you to a magical and colorful place. Colombia is a place of obligatory visit, characterized by having a great variety of climates, to be the second country with greater biodiversity of the zone, coasts in two oceans, forests, mountains, rivers, deserts and big cities;

Day 1

Breakfast at hotel Bogotá Bh La Quinta

-Transport hotel – airport

-Flight Bogotá- Pereira


-Lunch at Hotel Hacienda Venecia.                                       

-Coffee Tour

- Free time

-Dinner in the Hotel

Day 2

- Transport Manizales- Honda.

-Breakfast at Hacienda Venecia.

-Transport Parque nacional natural los nevados

-Parque nacional natural los nevados.

- Lunch.

-Thermal El Ruiz.

-Transport Manizales- Honda

-Check- in at Hotel Boutique Posada Las Trampas

-Free time

- Dinner

Day 3

-Natural Reserve Hacienda  El Triunfo 


-Transport hotel- Reserva  Natural El Triunfo

-Horseback riding

-Lunch at Hotel Boutique Posada Las Trampas.

-City Tour

-free time


Day 4

-Transport Honda – Rio Claro

-Breakfast at Hotel

-Transport Honda - Rio Claro.

-Check in  Hotel Cañón del Rio Claro Reserva Natural.


-Activities in Rio Claro.Options: speleology, canopy, swimming, Rafting type 1

-Free time


Day 5 

-Flight Medellín – Cartagena


-Transport Rio Claro – Medellin´s airport .

-wait time

-Flight Medellin- Cartagena or Santa Marta  ( your choice of hotel )

-Transport airport- Hotel

The PLAN includes 

-All activities 

-breakfast/lunch/dinner (without alcoholic beverages included) 





Does not include 

-taxes if they were to be paid (the government has exception for foreigners) 

-Additional meals